Meet... Dr. Lydia Nemec


Dr. Lydia Nemec | Head of AI Accelerator @ Carl Zeiss AG

As Head of the ZEISS AI Accelerator, Dr. Lydia Nemec and her team work closely together with all ZEISS businesses to create fully operational machine learning products that drive business success for ZEISS. Coming from academic research in high-performance computing and numeric algorithm development, Lydia started her exciting career path in theoretical and computational physics as a post-doc at Fritz Haber Insitute of the Max Planck Society and TU Munich. Before joining ZEISS, Lydia worked as a Senior Data Scientist on Machine Learning development and cloud-based data products at Knorr-Bremse. As part of the ZEISS Data & Analytics unit, Lydia leads the ZEISS Data Science team and is at the forefront of ZEISS´ next generation of AI-infused product and service innovations.

#6 questions to Lydia about her and the DATA festival…


# With which three words would you describe the DATA festival?

Community, Learning, Fun

# Why did you want to be a part of the DATA festival committee?

As part of my daily work, I keep track of the progress the data & Machine Learning (ML) community makes in integrating ML into a traditional manufacturing company. I love sharing my experiences and contribute to the ML community to accelerate the integration of ML into Europe’s amazing industry.

# How did you join the DATA festival committee?

I had the pleasure to meet some of the members of the DATA festival committee and the humor and attitude just clicked.

# How would you like to have an impact on the DATA community?

Being in a central ML/ data role in a highly innovative, yet traditional manufacturing company gives me unique insights into the challenges and opportunity we as a data community face. I like to bring in my experience, enthusiasm for Data/ ML and energy.

# What is your passion besides DATA?

I love Dancing in particular Ballet and Jazz Dance, I am an enthusiastic gym bunny 🐰, re-discovered playing my violin during the Corona crisis and for me there is nothing more recuperating than hiking in the alps.

# If I would not be working with DATA, I…

…would be a Scientist and share my love for maths and physics with students. If we like to let my fantasy run wild a principal dancer at London’s Royal Opera and the New York City Ballet.

…Thanks for sharing your #passion for #data, Lydia!