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Julia Herzog-Butter | AI Evangelist @ Scout24 AG

Julia Butter works as an AI Evangelist for the Scout24 Group. She spent the first years of her career in a consultancy for innovation and worked in Europe and China mainly on user-centered innovation projects and innovation driven change. As Product Lead and Owner, she then implemented digital products for 5 years.

She completed her studies at the LMU in Munich and Tel Aviv University and holds an Honors Degree in Technology Management (CDTM).

#7 questions to Julia about her and the DATA festival…


# With which three words would you describe the DATA festival?

inspiring, network and knowledge booster

# Why did you want to be a part of the DATA festival committee?

I am not a data expert. This is my „weakness“, but also my strength: By being part of the committee, I want to enable data leaders to speak business and make them succeed in their organisations.

# How did you join the DATA festival committee?

After my speech at the data festival in March 2019, where I presented Scout24’s AI readiness journey, Alex Thamm asked me if I wanted to contribute to the DATA festival by being part of the committee. Since then I feel honoured being part of this group of brilliant minds.

# How would you like to have an impact on the DATA community?

I strongly believe that great data ideas often need to go hand-in-hand with cultural change and change management. I want to build this bridge and inspire people to connect these elements.

# What is your passion besides DATA?

Positive psychology and neuroscience. And making change happen for leaders and experts.

# What is your festival must have?


# If I would not be working with DATA, I…

would still be working with bright minds (as I actually do, too): Help them build their success stories as coach.

…Thanks for sharing your #passion for #data, Julia!