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Jan Zawadzki | Head of AI @ CARIAD – Automotive Software for Volkswagen

Jan is the Head of Artificial Intelligence at CARIAD SE, the central software development company of Volkswagen Group. His team aims to push the boundaries of the software-enabled car of the future with the help of Machine Learning. Jan is passionate about advancing the automotive industry through Machine Learning and sharing his knowledge in the fields of Project Management and AI. He is a top contributor to the “Towards Data Science” Publication on Medium and enjoys supporting the team around Deep Learning Luminary Andrew Ng.

#7 questions to Jan about him and the DATA festival…


# With which three words would you describe the DATA festival?

Fun AI Stories

# Why did you want to be a part of the DATA festival committee?

To shape the content of future DATA festivals and to discuss and exchange with great fellow committee members.

# How did you join the DATA festival committee?

Was kindly asked by Alex and Carsten to join (:

# How would you like to have an impact on the DATA community?

I believe that data-driven software development will have a profound impact on future value creation opportunities across industries. Through sharing knowledge and best practices with the AI Community, I hope to advance the overall AI maturity across industries and help to bring more AI-based products in the real world.

# What is your passion besides DATA?

I watch way too much NBA basketball.

# What is your festival must have?

Engaging speakers and new content to keep the zoombie audience engaged.

# If I would not be working with DATA, I…

would happily try to make a living running a cozy coffee shop.

…Thanks for sharing your #passion for #data, Jan!