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Dr. Alexander Borek | Head of Data Analytics @ Zalando SE

Alex is a data executive, advisor, author and speaker. As „Doctor Data“, he helped more than 30 organizations in Europe to advance on their data and AI journey. He is co-leading the Zalando Data Foundation, a tech team of 130 people, and drives the data analytics and data mesh transformation across the Zalando Group. Before, he led the global data strategy at Volkswagen Group and FS and advised Fortune 500 companies as a consultant at Gartner and IBM.

#7 questions to Alex about him and the DATA festival…


# With which three words would you describe the DATA festival?


# Why did you want to be a part of the DATA festival committee?

It is a great way to engage with the data community and keep up with the current ways of thinking about data.

# How did you join the DATA festival committee?

Alex Thamm and Carsten Bange and myself came up with the idea for the first data festival when we met at another conference. Alex came to me and said “The usual conferences are a bit boring. Let`s do something different, something cool.”

# How would you like to have an impact on the DATA community?

I would like to contribute to the European DATA community by sharing and exchanging learnings on how to get data managed better and make AI scale so our companies in Europe stay at the competitive edge.

# What is your passion besides DATA?

I love anything outdoors, in particular, surfing, snowboarding, hiking and climbing. Another passion is playing music and songwriting on my piano and guitar.

# What is your festival must have?

The Data Festival party! I really look forward to next year when we meet all again in person.

# If I would not be working with DATA, I…

I would probably be a songwriter.

…Thanks for sharing your #passion for #data, Alex!