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About DATA festival

DATA festival is a community and event platform around the topics of Data, Analytics & AI, hosted by market analyst BARC and Alexander Thamm GmbH.

DATA festival – The event

The goal of the events is the further and advanced education of all data and AI roles and create a meeting point for the who’s who of the data scene: Whether Data Scientists, Data Engineers, AI- and Machine Learning Experts, Analysts, BI-Experts, Software Developers, Software Architects, Scientists, Researchers or Students – everyone who shares a passion for data is welcome at DATA festival. The event concept supports this purpose with various online and offline formats, such as lectures and presentations, panel discussions, world cafés, IT seminars and coding workshops, as well as networking areas and lounge tables. Presentations go into depth and don’t skimp on technical aspects. Speakers are primarily from user companies, but also from the university environment, DATA festival´s own partner network or from software providers who act as sponsors.

DATA festival – The community

The constantly growing community thrives on open exchange with each other in a “family-and-friends” atmosphere. People are open to each other’s questions and ideas.

DATA festival – Higher goals

At DATA festival we want to use data and Artificial Intelligence responsibly and for the benefit of people. Because data-based technologies can help humanity to tackle its biggest challenges like climate change, epidemics and a fair global economy. We believe in European values such as privacy and human-centered AI. The focus of the economic use of data is to generate real value for people and organizations. In doing so, we are creating an economically strong Europe with digital products and services that scale globally, based on European values.


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